Aug '05

The elevator wall is... going up!

The foundation below the Pratt Room - it has held up well for the past 100 years!

The subcontractor is testing different methods of stripping the paint in teh original library building. This section is next to one of the fireplaces at the ceiling.

The plumber is installing the copper water pipes.

The brown stuff is spray-on fireproofing material. It has some cement mixed in so it sticks after being applied.

The elevator shaft has reached the roof!

The inside of the elevator shaft - looking up.

The HVAC ductwork installation.

The inside framing is well underway.

A view of the upstairs framed area.

The roof parapet is being built.

A close-up view of the parapet.

An inside view of the walls going up.

An outside view of the walls going up.

The frames for the rooms are being put into place on the floors.

The children's room is beginning to take shape!

These are the pipes for the sprinkler system. They lay them out on the floor before putting them into place above the ceiling.

The bricks that will be the outside walls being delivered to the site.