Jul '05

The decking has been laid so we can now walk on the 2nd floor. This view is looking toward Main St. It's a great view of the floor opening that will allow light from the skylight to reach the first floor.

From the 2nd floor -- a view of the canopy that extends out over the front entrance walkway.

The new construction meets the original building on the 2nd floor.

The signed beam in place!

Another view of the front entrance canopy.

Library Director Leone Cole and Contractor Paul O'Connor check out Leone's new office.

The second floor has been poured and it's looking very smooth!

A great view of the new construction meeting the exisiting. We are looking at the future gallery area and Trustee meeting room.

A view of the old building from the roof on the new construction.

A closeup view of the roof of the old building from the roof of the new building.

The first floor has been poured and looks great! This view is from the boiler room area looking across toward the Children's Room near the police station.

The ductwork is being delivered and is ready for installation.

Eventually this will be a beautiful bay window looking out over Main Street. Just picture a nice lounge chair right in front of the window!

Another view of the opening which will be a window overlooking Main Street.