Jun '05

Tuesday, the crane has arrived and is being set up.

Wednesday morning and the first load of steel has arrived!

The first column is put into place, June 1, 2005.

A column in front of the elevator being fastened to the concrete footing.

Another view of the first column.

Moving right along -- not bad for a morning's work!

The metal decking material which will be part of the floor.

A great view of the steel from the roof of Town Hall.

Looking down from the Town Hall roof.

A view of the crane, the original building, and some of the steel from the Town Hall Roof.

Chair Lucia Mastrangelo and Town Manager Michael Driscoll sign the beam at our beam-signing ceremony today, June 14, 2005.

June 14, 2005 beam signing ceremony. The group is signing one of the last beams that will be part of the new library. We had great weather and a great turnout!

Contractor Paul O'Connor has just signed the beam.

Trustee Grace LeBlanc.

Joyce Munger getting ready to sign.

Sandy Howard, Betty Rowan, and Marsha Lenhoff.

The Whitney Family - Mal, Curtis, and Bob.

A steelworker takes a break on the second floor!

The roof deckign is being put into place.

A nice view of the rear of the building. You can see where the skylight will be located to the left of the lower roof area.

The trench in Main Street where the new water service is being supplied from the Post Office side of the street. The contractor will continue down Thaxter with the pipe and then into the building.

The new sewer drain going toward Main Street. We are hoping this one works a lot better than the old one they ripped out!