May '06

The site work has begun. Here you can see the forms for the new retaining wall and benches.

A great view of the skylight and openings to the first floor. We are looking toward Main Street.

This is a picture of the second floor computer area, looking out toward the parking lot.

The front seat walls and retaining walls have been poured. This is a very important part of the site work and landscaping.

The mason is in the process of power washing all of the bricks and masonry - old and new.

The millwork is now on site and being installed.

A built-in desk in the office shared by the Teen and Children's Supervisors.

These contractors are installing the glass handrails on the ramp in the gallery.

We now have fixtures in the restrooms, as well as partitions!

The millwork is being installed - these are beautiful maple window seats upstairs in the fiction area.