Sep '05

The interior ramp at the front entrance has been poured with exposed aggregate.

A closeup of the interior ramp and stairs.

The first stairway is being built! This one is near the fire station side. It's an egress stair that goes to the roof of the building.

The mason has put together this panel showing exterior materials. It is awaiting approval before he begins the actual installation of the materials.

The contractor is now framing the roof.

A closeup view of the roof framing.

This scaffolding is for the masons. Beginning next week, the bricks will be installed on the exterior walls.

The plumbing for the public women's room near the meeting room is ready!

The sloped roof now is framed with wood. Slate will be applied to this surface.

This is the roof over the rear entrance. It is prepped and ready to accept the pvc that is the actual roof material.

The second egress stair is being built. This one is near the rear entrance.

A window frame is being put into place.

The precase stone is being put into place around the base of the new construction.

A shot of the precast stone and mortar.

Rehabilitation of the original building interior is beginning. The doorway is the former door to the stacks upstairs.

The roofing material has arrived and is awaiting installation.

A shot of the rear of the building from the roof.

The window over the front entrance canopy has been framed.