Crème Brulee Anyone?

Thomas Jefferson’s Crème Brulee:  How a Founding Father and His Slave James Hemings Introduced French Cuisine to America by Thomas J.

We need our libraries and bookstores!

Do you know that there are large publishing companies that refuse to sell any of their e-Books to libraries?  It’s true!   They believe that allowing libraries to loan these items ou

Popular Scandinavian Authors

Ever since The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by the unfortunately late Steig Larsson hit the U.S., Scandinavian authors have been HOT.

Celebrate Music @ the WFPL

Beat the cold weather blues with our Winter Music Series, made possible by the Library Building Committee.  Concerts will be held at the library the 2nd Saturday in December, January and Febru

Homemade Gifts and More!

Every year for the holidays I try to include something homemade in my gift repertoire. I’ve made candles, soap and pillows.

Something mysterious is happening at the WFPL!

Do you like to read mysteries?   Do you prowl mystery bookshops or enjoy Who-Done-It Dinner Theater?    If so, why not plan to drop by the library to check out our Mystery

Reader's Guilt

Ever pick up a book that you’ve had your eye on and find out that after investing some time into reading it, you’re just not that into it?  Our “reader’s guilt” tells us that we should stick i

The Lazy Couponer

The Lazy Couponer: How to Save Over $25,000 per year in just 45 minutes each week by Jamie Chase

The Expats as a First Time Novel is First Rate!

Aimee’s entry about first-time novels leads me to tell about a first-time novel that I enjoyed reading this past summer:  The Expats, a spy thriller by Chris Pavone, who has previousl

Take a chance on new authors!

We all get in reading ruts sometimes, even librarians. We stick with authors we know, ones we are comfortable with, ones we feel won’t let us down.