Calling All Film Buffs! Be on the Lookout for Criterion Collection Movies!

Are you a film hound, always looking for an undiscovered gem? One way to ensure cinematic excellence is simply to search for the Criterion Collection.

American Spring by Walter R. Borneman

American history buffs who especially like reading about the American Revolution and what led up to it will surely appreciate American Spring: Lexington, Concord, and the Road to Revolution.

Suggestions After Gone Girl

Gone Girl

Ok, I’ll admit it. I haven’t read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Librarian Fail? Not really.

E-reader Roundup

When patrons ask me to recommend e-readers for borrowing or purchase, my first question for them is: “What do you want your e-reader to do?”

Hoopla—A Lifesaver

The Mangle Street Murders

A couple of weeks ago, I finished the audiobook (on CD) of Louise Penny’s Long Way Home (which is great, by the way.

How are you at receiving honest feedback?

We relish hearing a compliment but may cringe upon hearing honest feedback.

Lunches on the Go!

My older daughter just started kindergarten; which means a lot of things for her including the deep need for a different pair of shoes everyday day of the week,

The Line by J.D. Horn

No sooner did I recognize the withdrawal I’d feel after finishing Deborah Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy, than I discovered a new author to fill that imaginative and magical void. J.D. Horn’s The Line (Witching Savannah Book 1) grabbed me from page one.

Crafty Fun with Wine Corks

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with all of your leftover corks, look no further than

Coffee Table Books for Summer Enjoyment

Remember the large coffee table books that would be put out on a living room coffee table to pick up and browse through and put down again for another day?