Lunches on the Go!

My older daughter just started kindergarten; which means a lot of things for her including the deep need for a different pair of shoes everyday day of the week,

The Line by J.D. Horn

No sooner did I recognize the withdrawal I’d feel after finishing Deborah Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy, than I discovered a new author to fill that imaginative and magical void. J.D. Horn’s The Line (Witching Savannah Book 1) grabbed me from page one.

Crafty Fun with Wine Corks

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with all of your leftover corks, look no further than

Coffee Table Books for Summer Enjoyment

Remember the large coffee table books that would be put out on a living room coffee table to pick up and browse through and put down again for another day?

One of the best written cookbooks I have seen!

You know that excitement when you find a new culinary treasure or rediscover an old one?

What do you want Summer Reading to be?

While we are still in the final week of our Adult Summer Reading program – and still have some great programs for you this week – we wanted to take a moment to ask you, our patrons, what you would most like a Summer Reading program for adults to look like. We’re already planning for next year (can you believe it?) and your feedback will help determine what kind of program we create!

Step into Their Shoes

For week #6 (July 28 – August 3), we invite you to Step Into Their Shoes”.  This challenge deals with reading about people from the past as well as the present, to learn about their background

Passport to Summer Fun

Books are the plane, and the train and the road.
They are the destination and the journey.  They are home.

Scientific Notation: Embrace Your Inner Scientist!

Our Adult Summer Reading program is off to a great start, and we're pleased to see people joining the fun!  

Spin-offs Aren't Just for T.V.

I have enjoyed all of the Jane Austen novels that I’ve read, and as I started ordering books and learning the collection here at the library, it amused and surprised me that so many other authors f