Substitute Librarians: Adult Services

The Watertown Free Public Library is looking for substitute adult services librarians. Our busy mid-sized library serves a diverse population of people with a broad catalog of needs. In one day visitors might ask for the telephone number of the CEO of a national company, directions to a local concert, help requesting scholarly books for a term paper, computer troubleshooting, how to learn English at the library, lessons on downloading ebooks, where they can 3D print, and how to get to the restroom. We embrace proven library practices in all of our services, programs, and collection development, while continually striving to enhance the library experience for the tech-savvy, 21st century patron.

Substitute librarians at the Watertown Free Public Library are part of a substitute pool and are called on to cover shifts when staff are on vacation or out sick. We also occasionally have special projects that substitutes will help complete. We need people who have availability for a variety of shift openings, but most frequently our shift needs are evenings and weekends. In general we are able to give a minimum of a two week notice for all coverage needs to help you plan (and more typically we plan 2-3 months in advance), but will also look for short term help in emergencies. Ideal candidates are willing to work a minimum of two shifts a month which is roughly 6-8 hours. This is a great opportunity for library school students looking for experience and seasoned professionals looking for some extra pocket money.

This position is for you if:

  • You have an MLS or are enrolled in an MLS program and have taken a reference course.
  • You are independent. You take responsibility for your professional development and hold yourself accountable.
  • You are curious and thoroughly informed. You ask questions and remember the answers. You use all of the information you have to make good decisions. You have a breadth of knowledge that is useful in librarianship. 
  • You aren’t afraid of failure, but won’t make the same mistake twice.
  • You like technology. You use technology in your personal life and you’re excited to play with new devices and learn new software. You know how to explain technology to other people in a way that they understand. You can troubleshoot problems as a first course of action before issues escalate.
  • You want to gain valuable experience in a busy public library that prides itself in providing excellent patron services and progressive development.
  • You believe in the mission of libraries. You want a job in public service.

To be considered for this role you have to be a librarian with an MLS or currently enrolled in a program and completed a reference course. Strong customer service experience, whether it be in a library, bookstore, or restaurant, is a plus.

We welcome new graduates and seasoned librarians; it’s not necessary that you’ve worked in a public library before as long as you believe in and want to be a part of the important work that public libraries do.

This is part time, at will position and does not include benefits. The hourly rate is $24.00 per hour.

Please email cover letter, resume, and list of three references to Caitlin Browne, Assistant Director at