"Hatch is more than a room full of tools, it is more like a state of mind. The volunteers are there because they want to be there, they want to show others what they know and learn from the other volunteers. It is a place of sharing and cooperation." — Danny Lawrence, Hatch Volunteer Since 2016  

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Volunteers Are the Heart of Hatch Makerspace

Hatch couldn’t exist without the help of dedicated volunteers who bring their skill and passion to the makerspace. Volunteers must possess and passion for making (whatever form that takes for you), a desire to learn, and a willingness to help others achieve their creative goals. Volunteers have access to the makerspace outside of public hours, may offer events to the public, receive one-on-one training on Hatch equipment, and take an active role in shaping Hatch’s future.

To be a volunteer at Hatch, you must actively participate at Hatch for 3 or more hours a month. Because the volunteer role is very independent, Hatch volunteers must be over 18 years old. All volunteers must pass a CORI background check and complete orientation training with the Hatch Coordinator. 

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Hatch Youth Internship

Hatch internships are available to youth aged 16-18 who have not yet received their high school diploma or equivalent. An internship is an exciting way to learn all of the Hatch equipment and customer service skills in a safe, inclusive, and structured environment. Interns will help Hatch visitors with their projects, including giving tours, helping to find materials and equipment, and specific help with 3D printing, laser cutting, sewing, electronics, vinyl cutting, computers, and/or woodworking.

Interns are expected to complete a one-hour orientation and be at Hatch on one weekday from 3-5pm for 4-8 weeks. Interns will receive community service hours for their time at Hatch once they complete their final presentation. For their final presentation, interns will choose one technology area with which they are previously unfamiliar and create a project that they will present to the Hatch community.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Hatch cannot accept more than two interns at a time. For questions about the Youth Internship, please contact the Hatch Coordinator, Liz, at ehelfer@watertown-ma.gov.

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Teens Teach Tech

Are you a technologically savvy? Are you between the ages of 16-18 years old? In collaboration with local high school students, Hatch seeks to fill a generational gap in technology learning. Technologically proficient high schoolers can receive community service hours for teaching residents from local senior centers how to better use their phones, tablets, and computers.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis for the upcoming Youth Teach Tech event. Each event is two hours long. For questions about Teens Teach Tech, please email Hatch Coordinator, Liz at ehelfer@watertown-ma.gov. The next event is Friday, April 10, 2020. 3–5:00 PM.

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Volunteer Testimonials

"I boiled it down to one thing - connection. Making is connection - connecting your interests and ideas with your ability to concretize, make something concrete that was once an idea. But connection is also with others - sharing ideas and experiences, learning, teaching, and appreciating. Other people's creativity is just so exciting. Making is all about connections between the abstract and the concrete; between people and things; between people and other people and THEIR ideas. Everything goes around in this circle and Hatch is right there in the middle. So I will do everything I can to help Hatch keep going." — Cheryl Moreau, Hatch Volunteer since 2015

"I am a Hatch true believer that the place has been and can be in the future an important community nexus." — Seth Deitch, Hatch Volunteer since 2018

"I've been Watertown homeowner for the last 22 years and a volunteer at Hatch for the last four. Hatch is a resource. Hatch is a community center for Watertown's geek community, as well as that of several surrounding cities and towns. But Hatch is more than a room full of tools, it is more like a state of mind. The volunteers are there because they want to be there, they want to show others what they know and learn from the other volunteers. It is a place of sharing and cooperation. Hatch has even served as a model for many of the makerspaces that have opened locally. Many times after I have given someone the "nickel tour” they will say: wow, I didn't  think you could find a place like this in Watertown!” — Danny Lawrence, Hatch Volunteer since 2016