Great American Read

What is the Great American Read?

The Great American Read is a television program and nation-wide poll that asks everyone across the country to vote for their favorite novel (picked from a list of 100 titles also selected through a nation-wide poll). You can learn more about it and see the list of titles here

Great American Read - Watertown Edition

Here at the library, we started talking about what novels we will be voting for and why. Then we had a brilliant idea - let's try to determine Watertown's favorite novel! 

So what would you vote for? Come fill out a paper ballot at the library, or Vote in our Great American Read - Watertown Edition poll here

Share with us why you loved this book, a memory from when you first read it, a special person who gave it to you or anything else that comes to mind! We will publish the results of our own Watertown version of the Great American Read at the end of the summer, and will also be displaying some of your comments at the library- stay tuned!

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