Coronavirus StoryCorps

Speak Your Truth: Coronavirus StoryCorps Project 

Oral History collections are pivotal in understanding periods of time via the lens of those who lived through history. The Watertown Free Public Library is conducting interviews of Watertown residents (via Zoom) about their COVID-19 pandemic experiences to create a StoryCorps Oral History collection.

StoryCorps, as supported by the Library of Congress, is the leading open source archive for Oral History interviews. Their initiative started in New York City and has taken off across the country. StoryCorps programs are now recognized nationally, and are regularly featured on National Public Radio. 

StoryCorps in Watertown

The Watertown Coronavirus StoryCorps Project will build a StoryCorps collection to represent the residents of Watertown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interviews will adhere to the StoryCorps format of 45 minutes or less. Questions will ask interviewees to reflect on how the pandemic has effected their daily lives and the lives of those around them. All interviews will be held as StoryCorps collection online, and be curated for use in Local History projects. 

Want to add your voice to the Watertown Coronavirus StoryCorps Project? Complete the form below to request an interview. Have questions? Email Emily in Reference at