3D Printing

3D print 1

3D Printing Services Available

Free and open to all: There is no cost for 3D printing at Hatch Makerspace. Patrons are limited to one job at a time.

Original work only: All file submissions must be your original work. Do not submit unmodified design files downloaded from the internet or other third-party sources. We want to encourage your creativity!

3D Printing Guidelines

  • You must be present to start your 3D print.
  • All 3D printing jobs should be of your original design. 
  • All 3D printing jobs will be printed in PLA. 
  • You may submit one 3D printing job at a time. (A "job" is defined as one .STL file or set of files that can be printed on one 3D printer.)
  • Hatch will not modify or complete jobs that have incorrect settings. 
  • There is no cost for 3D printing jobs. 

How to Submit

Bring your 3D file to Hatch on a flash drive or make it accessible via the internet.

  1. Save your job as an .STL file.
  2. File dimensions cannot exceed 130mm or 5x5x5” 
  3. Hatch will not print jobs with a print time over 10 hours. We will let you know if your file exceeds the limit.
  4. PLA is available in many colors, you will get to pick your color preference.