Hot Summer Days

     A recent evening radio talk show had as its theme, “What would you watch, listen to, or read if you could stay home during these hot summer days?”  Callers suggested catching up on and viewing seasons of popular TV shows such as Mad  Men or The Wire.  That evening’s host suggested buying these episodes—apparently unaware that seasons of popular television shows can be borrowed from public libraries such as the Watertown Free Public Library.
     I got to wondering what I would like to see if I were to stay in, say, for a weekend with nothing much to do.   A DVD which I very much enjoyed because of its underlying theme of finding love when each partner lives in the same area, yet two years apart, is “The Lake House” starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.  I have since heard of another terrific DVD with Sandra Bullock, “While You Were Sleeping.”
     What would you, our readers, enjoy being holed up with on hot summer days?


Written by Reference Librarian Ellie.

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