Top 9 Mystery Books Featuring...Librarians!

What could be better for a librarian who loves mysteries to read but books about librarians solving mysteries?

Adult Summer Readers Choose the WFPL Book of the Year!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Adult Summer Reading this year! We were overwhelmed by your level of interest and participation!

Location, Location...

Rugged terrain with tropical weather are described in a book in which I am currently engrossed— 'Three Weeks in December' by Audrey Schulman.

Summer Reads: The Buried Giant

With the help of our summer reads you’ve traveled through time and space; from modern day England, to WWI, to 1950s America. Our final book, The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro, takes us the farthest afield to an English village steeped in legend, sometime after the fall of King Arthur.

Summer Reads: Go Set a Watchman

I chose to approach Go Set a Watchman with an open mind while taking the following into consideration: this was Harper Lee’s debut novel; it was initially rejected, that original unedited draft is what has been published.

Summer Reads: In the Unlikely Event

What comes across most strongly is that “life will go on”, no matter what happens, and that when communities come together, they can make a huge difference.

Summer Reads: Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania

Every schoolchild knows about the Titanic. But our cultural memory is short, and many adults today don’t know the tragic, complex story of the Lusitania.

Summer Reads: H is for Hawk

Through her marvelous descriptions, we are with Helen, first, inside the house, as she trains her hawk, whom she names “Mabel,” to her fist. And, after that, as she flies and hunts with Mabel through field and forest.

Summer Reads: The Girl on the Train

Every year there are a few new books that no matter how many copies we buy it’s never enough to fill the demand.

Summer Reading 2015: The Wait is Almost Over!

Here they are: the books of the summer! All of these books are extremely popular, so we’re stacking the odds in your favor. EXPRESS copies are first come first served.