Customer Service Standards

The Watertown Free Public Library offers exceptional services to library users through its quality facilities, collections, programming, technology, and staff. We strive to provide accurate, efficient, and courteous library service to all users. The Watertown Free Public Library Customer Service Standards are the foundation for all staff interactions with library users.

Service Oriented

We deliver exceptional service to customers by placing them first, actively listening to their requests and concerns, and following up to ensure timely resolutions. We deliver Service Oriented Customer Service when we:

  • Are attentive and approachable
  • Greet with a smile, eye contact, and open body language
  • Use language library customers can understand
  • Always put the customer first before other library business
  • Follow up with customers via email, telephone, or in person
  • Walk customers to their destinations when situations allow it
  • Treat customer interactions as educational opportunities to create good library users


We have the power to give customers the best service possible. We have the trust and support of Administration and supervisors to solve issues. We offer Empowered Customer Service because we can:

  • Make autonomous judgment calls in the customer’s favor
  • Use our knowledge of policies to make decisions in critical circumstances
  • Ask questions when we don’t understand policies or practices
  • Seek and offer alternative options
  • Give feedback to supervisors


We take the initiative to go the extra mile by satisfactorily completing all tasks in a timely manner and following through with customer needs. We provide Responsible Customer Service when we:

  • Take ownership, from start to finish, for projects and problems that we encounter
  • Listen actively and ask follow-up questions
  • Provide updates to our customers regarding unresolved issues
  • Communicate with staff when changes are made
  • Inform supervisors of issues in a timely manner

Values Driven

We support and practice the Library Bill of Rights. We adhere to Minuteman Library Network and WFPL policies and procedures: We demonstrate the Values Driven Customer Service when we:

  • Provide the same quality of service regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture, or ability
  • Provide access to materials without censorship or bias
  • Apply our policies and guidelines equally to customers and staff
  • Keep all customer information confidential
  • Prudently use public money and resources


We understand the many services the Watertown Free Public Library provides and apply the “no wrong door” approach. We deliver Informed Customer Service when we:

  • Understand library policies and know where to find them
  • Regularly read our email and the MLN Staff Portal
  • Are familiar with the library and town website
  • Attend and participate in training to stay current
  • Answer questions and solve problems in as few steps and with as little shuffling as possible
  • Are knowledgeable about programming and events at the library and know how to connect customers to the information they seek


We are courteous to all internal and external customers. We treat everyone with respectful, unbiased attention. We provide Courteous Customer Service when we:

  • Show up for shifts on time and ready to work
  • Conduct social interactions, with both staff and customers, away from public areas
  • Speak quietly while on public desks
  • Respond to all customer requests objectively and without bias
  • Speak using vocabulary appropriate to the situation
  • Solve problems without placing blame
  • Have awareness of cultural and social differences and strive to understand our customers


We actively listen to our internal and external customers to ensure they are heard. We provide Engaged Customer Service when we:

  • Make eye contact and smile when approached
  • Seek understanding by rephrasing and asking questions
  • Are patient and avoid interruptions
  • Speak with a friendly tone of voice
  • Occasionally leave the desk to make staff presence known to the public

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees March 5, 2013