Reports & Plans

Annual Report

The Library submits an Annual Report to the Town each calendar year for publication. Included are statistics and accomplishments for the year. View the Annual Report for 2018.

Action Plan

The library also develops an annual action plan which outlines the activities for the year. 

View the Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2023.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan, approved by the Board of Library Trustees, is the framework around which library services are delivered to the community. The Trustees appreciate the help of the Strategic Planning Committee, focus group participants, and everyone who filled out the online survey.

View the Strategic Plan for Fiscal Year 2023 through Fiscal Year 2025.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

FY23–25 Strategic Plan Digital Appendix

General Survey

Accessibility Survey

The accessibility survey was developed by the Assistant Director and Supervisor of Teen Services after research and seeking input from a small staff committee. The developers attempted to have the survey reviewed by the Watertown Commission on Disability (WCOD) before distribution but were unable to get a response in time. The survey was open from February 3 through March 3, 2021. It was distributed widely through the library eNewsletter, social media, paid advertisement, and direct contact to organizations such as the WCOD and Perkins School for the Blind. There were 106 responses. 

View the 2021 accessibility survey results.

Staff Survey For Strategic Planning 

At the suggestion of the Strategic Planning Committee a survey was sent to library staff to seek input on priorities for the library in the next three years. The questions focused on staff interpretation of patron needs as well as how to best communicate with staff about strategic goals. The survey collected responses from February 3 to March 3, 2021 and received 11 responses. It was distributed to staff via email and through biweekly reports sent to all staff.

View the 2021 staff survey results

FY23–25 Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Minutes