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Project Literacy Beginner Manual: Written by Project Literacy teacher Erin, this is a step-by-step textbook, manual and resource goldmine all rolled into one.

A4ESL: Exercises, puzzles and bilingual quizzes in over forty languages.

Breaking News English: Over 3,000 English lessons in seven levels. Lesson plans include stories, quizzes, conversation prompts and games.

Dave’s ESL Cafe: Includes sections on grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs and more.

EL Civics: English, U.S. History, Government 

English Club: For anyone teaching English. It's a site where learners come to improve their English through online lessons, quizzes, games, forums, blogs, videos, photos etc.

English for Everyone: English printable worksheets. Particularly good are the photo worksheets for question-asking practice

English Grammar Online: Great worksheets for all levels of learners on grammar, writing and reading.

Englishpage.com: Free grammar lessons and interactive exercises. Lots of practice with verb tenses and prepositions.

ESL Flow: Endless free material, including worksheets, on many topics for all levels.

Internet TESL Journal: A monthly Web journal for teachers of English as a second language that provides lesson plans, classroom handouts, activities and projects, and articles on teaching techniques.

Lantern Fish: A great resource for lesson planning with word searches, flash cards, worksheets and more.

Many Things: Downloadable and printable read-alongs, word games word puzzles and more.

Minnesota Literacy: Comprehensive literacy resource offers free lesson plans, support kits and teaching videos as well as teacher trainings. Find resources under Volunteer and Educator Resources tabs.

New York Times Learning Network: Ideas for using the NYT as a resource with English language learners. Includes vocabulary, quizzes and writing prompts. 

Purdue OWL: Great source for Grammar information and practice. Especially helpful for tutors, if they’re struggling to explain English language concepts.