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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Watertown, MA – 9/14/2020

Pat Farrell is retiring after working for 56 years at the Watertown Free Public Library

Pat Farrell Retires After 56 Years at the Watertown Free Public Library

[WATERTOWN] When Pat Farrell was first hired as a library page, she made $1.15 per hour, minimum wage at the time. She was 14 years old. 

On Friday, September 18, Pat will retire after working for 56 years at the Watertown Free Public Library. Through five decades, seven directors, and so many changes in the Library, Pat has remained a constant and reassuring presence at the Circulation Desk, offering help and chatting with patrons, many of whom she knows by name. 

Growing up in Watertown, Pat and her friends loved to hang out at the Library’s East Branch. At age 14, she was hired as a page, shelving library books 10 hours a week. 

By working after school and on weekends, Pat was able to save money. Her mother helped her to set up a savings account and she dutifully deposited every paycheck, minus a little spending money. (Years later, those savings would pay for her wedding.)

After graduating from high school, Pat started working full time in the Library’s Circulation Department. Over the years, she also spent time in the Technical Services Department, processing and preparing new books for the Library’s collection.

When her children were young, Pat worked part time but maintained a full-time connection with the Library, bringing her children to story times at the library’s West Branch. When her children grew older, she returned to a full-time position.

Along with being a friendly and familiar face at the front desk and in the community, Pat’s years at the Library provide an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience which have benefitted both the Library and its patrons. The staff of the Watertown Free Public Library and the Town of Watertown congratulate and thank Pat for her remarkable record of service to this community. 

Happy retirement, Pat!


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