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Share Your Project With Hatch

We are always looking for ways to showcase your projects. If you would like for us to feature your work on our website, please email your images in .JPG or .JPEG format to the Hatch Coordinator, Amelia at with the subject line “Share My Project.” Please include a caption and your full name. We love for your projects to be something you created (partially) at Hatch but we also love to share your creativity regardless of where it was made. Emailing your images denotes that you are the creator of the image content and have the right to distribute the image, as well as giving Hatch Makerspace and the WFPL the right to distribute.


Hatch Makerspace is motivated to collaborate with local organizations. All collaborations must be free and available to the public. Some former connections include: Watertown Public Schools, homeschool groups, Watertown Farmer’s Market, Newton Public Library, Boskone, and the Plumbing Museum.

Makerspace Expertise

Hatch also serves as a resource for not-for-profit makerspace models. Since 2017, Hatch has offered expertise on developing a makerspace to over 20 libraries, schools, and organizations. If you are interested in collaborating or have questions about anything makerspace related, please email the Hatch Coordinator, Amelia at