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The Local History Collection includes many rare or unique documents and objects. To protect and preserve these items, we store many of them separately from the materials shelved in the Local History Room. These are considered "closed stack."

All special collections are open to the public unless otherwise stated. But to access closed stack materials, we suggest that patrons contact staff before visiting the library. This allows us to prepare the materials before your visit.

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Watertown Organizations

Citizens' League of Watertown. Record book, 1896-1901 (inclusive) SC118

Ecumenical Life Center. Scrapbooks, 1974-1993 (inclusive) HIST 280.042 ECU

Grand Army of the Republic. Isaac B. Patten Post No. 81. Record books, 1871-1904 (inclusive) SC103

Rand, Rev. Edward A. Historical Society of Watertown. Scrapbooks, 1889-1903 (inclusive) SC114

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Republican Caucus. Records, 1896-1913 (inclusive) SC119

Veterans of Foreign Wars Burnham-Manning Post No. 1105. Scrapbooks, 1925-1976 (inclusive) SC207

Watertown Book Club. Records, 1875-1999 (inclusive) SC117

Watertown Fireman's Relief Association. Memorabilia collection, 1854-1965 SC107

Watertown Woman’s Club. Records, 1894-1994 (inclusive) SC101

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Young Men’s Assembly. Records, 1888-1904 (inclusive) SC113

Young People’s Literary Society. Account books, ledgers, and by-laws, 1868-1890 (inclusive) SC104

Watertown People

Capoccia, Anthony L. Watertown Arsenal collection, 1917, circa 1957-1964 (inclusive) SC111

Curran, Joseph L., Jr.Harriet G. Hosmer: Collected Sources, 1974 HIST 730.92 HOS C 1974

Fitz, Asa. Collected papers, 1840-1878 (inclusive) SC201

Fitz, Charles F., Sr. Collected papers, 1866-1905 (inclusive) SC202

Fitz, Ellen E. Collected papers, 1853-1887 (inclusive) SC203

Fitz Family. Collected papers and photographs, circa 1860-1946 SC204

Francis, Convers. Collection, 1759-1861 (inclusive), 1818-1856 (bulk) SC115 

Hodges, Maud deLeigh. Letters and manuscripts, 1952-1970 (inclusive), undated SC206

Hosmer, Alfred G. Family. Records, 1869-1958 HIST 929.2 HOSMER 1869-1958

Hosmer, Harriet G. Collection, circa 1849-1920, undated

Newcomb Family. Papers and photographs, 1850-1912 HIST 929.2 NEWCOMB 1850-1912

Perry, Ralph Frederick. Charles River collection, circa 1900-1953 (inclusive) SC306 

Peterson Family. World War Two collection, 1942-1946 (inclusive) SC301

Pierce Family. Photograph album, circa 1865-1885 (inclusive) SC205

Santoro, Joseph L. C. Collection, 1928-1986 (inclusive) SC112

Thayer, Helen E. Collection, 1848-1950 HIST 929.2 THAYER

Watson, Sigrid Reddy. Watertown Echoes collection, 1981-2008 (inclusive) SC110

Watertown Government / Municipal Records

Departments and offices

Auditor. Correspondence, 1919-1920 (inclusive) TW119

Board of Assessors. Records, 1775-1926 (inclusive) TW009

Board of Registrars. Records, 1760-1989 (inclusive) TW002

Board of Selectmen. Records, 1737-1924 (inclusive) TW011

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Clerk. Records, 1749-1957 (inclusive) TW101

Fish wardens. Records, 1780-1826 (inclusive) TW001

Overseers of the Poor. Records, 1714-1877 (inclusive) TW005

Police Department. Logbooks, 1908-1930 (inclusive) TW102

Public works records, 1719-1937 (inclusive) TW008

School Committee. Records, 1790-1877 (inclusive) TW012

Stray animal records, 1729-1810 (inclusive) TW007

Treasurer. Records, 1695-1887 (inclusive) TW010

Special Committees/Other

Application of William J. Calnan, Highway Department employee, for a pension, 1919-1932 (inclusive) TW108

Civic records of the Watertown meeting house, 1752-1824 (inclusive)

Committee Concerning the Building of an Almshouse. Records, 1749-1793 (inclusive) TW004

Committee to Enter into Articles of Agreement with Meridian Lodge. Records, 1803 TW003

Parker School Building Committee. Records, 1912-1915 (inclusive) TW105

Phillips School Building Committee. Records, 1935-1938 (inclusive) TW106

Recycling Advisory Board. Records, 1980-1994, 2002 (inclusive) TW118

Special Committee on the Athletic Field. Records, 1920 TW103

War Service Committee. Records and soldiers’ letters, 1941-1946 (inclusive) TW120


Watertown life during the first years of World War Two clippings collection, 1942-1943 (inclusive) SC105