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Brainfuse is an on demand, anytime, anywhere eLearning platform for all ages and levels. Brainfuse features two components: HelpNow for students in grade school, and the Adult Learning Center for life-long learners. Brainfuse is available to Watertown residents from home and via mobile app on iOS or Android.  

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Live tutoring/assistance is available daily via HelpNow and the Adult Learning Center from 2 pm to 11 pm EST.


HelpNow features a range of tools for students including:

  • Live, online tutors with an interactive, virtual whiteboard
  • Skills building and test preparation with or without live tutor assistance
  • A writing lab where students can submit papers for detailed feedback
  • Asynchronous homework help via Send Question
  • Virtual study spaces and notes sharing for collaborative work

Adult Learning Center

The Adult Learning Center provides:

  • GED and US Citizenship test preparation
  • Resume assistance, including templates, resume editing and live resume feedback
  • Microsoft Office support for Excel, Word, or PowerPoint
  • Career resources aggregated from trusted sites
  • Live or asynchronous skill building for life-long learners

Getting Started

Some resources provided by Brainfuse require account registration. To register for an account, click the Login button, then click the Sign Up link to create an account.

To connect with a tutor, access the service during active tutoring hours or use Send Question to receive a response from a tutor. Test preparation, skill building, and collaborative spaces are available to use 24/7.

Using HelpNow? The Brainfuse User Guide provides a basic overview of HelpNow services and functions. The video below provides an overview of Brainfuse Helpnow features for Library patrons.