WFPL Zine Fest 2022

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On Saturday, October 15, the Watertown Free Public Library will host the second-annual Watertown Zine Fest. Zines are small-batch, DIY publications that provide a powerful platform of expression for underrepresented perspectives and voices. We believe they belong in the Library. Join us in celebrating and learning about all things zine!

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Zine Marketplace

10 AM – 4 PM | Browse, barter, or buy wares by zinesters from near and far. This is a great place to meet fellow artists or learn what zines are all about. (Free and open to all.)

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Zine-Making Hive

10 AM – 4 PM | The Zine Making Hive is a place where anyone can make their own zine! We give you the supplies and prompts to get you started. All ages. (Free and open to all.)

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Zine Talks

10:30 AM – 4 PM | How do zines intersect with identity, activism, and community building? Unpack this and more with experienced zinesters! (Free, registration required.)

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Zines in the Classroom with Randall Trang

Saturday, 10/15 | 10:30 – 11:30 AM | Mastrangelo Room | High school art educator and professional comics artist Randall Trang discusses how he uses zines to teach students about self-expression and Doing It Yourself. Will include a mini-workshop and demonstration so bring your pencils/pens and papers! 

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How Can I Help? The Intersection of Zines & Mutual Aid with Evan Bright and Megan Ramette

Saturday, 10/15 | 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM | Mastrangelo Room | What is mutual aid and how can zinesters plug in to this form of community care? Join a conversation with Evan Bright of the Take-a-Zine, Leave-a-Zine Project and Megan Ramette of Allston/Brighton’s community fridge initiative. The Take-a-Zine, Leave-a-Zine Project plants community-run book stands in Massachusetts to foster the trade of zines, art books, and printed matter.

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Making Stories Visible: A Closer Look Into Public Art and Storytelling with Crystal Bi Wegner

Saturday, 10/15 | 2 – 3 PM | Mastrangelo Room | Interested in public art and storytelling? Join Crystal Bi Wegner, a multimedia and public artist, for a conversation about the ways stories appear in public space. Participants will be invited to create their own zine together and imagine their stories transforming and taking new forms in public space.

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We're Out Here: Marginalized Identities, Religion/Spirituality, and Zines with Ezra Rose

Saturday, 10/15 | 3 – 4 PM | Mastrangelo Room & via Zoom | Join a discussion with Ezra Rose on finding & making alternative religious and/or spiritual community through zines, through the lens of the experiences of a queer, trans, disabled & non-traditional Jewish zinester. 

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WFPL Circulating Zine Collection

WFPL debut a circulating zine collection in the fall of 2021. Patrons will be able to browse, borrow zines, and event submit their own work to the collection. Zines and DIY publishing provide a powerful outlet for underrepresented or marginalized voices and stories that challenge the cultural mainstream: Black, Indigenous & People of Color, young people, people with disabilities, and people with limited economic resources. We believe that these voices and stories belong in the Library.

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We Want Your Zines

We are very interested in receiving zines that have been made by people from Watertown. We are also interested in other zines that you would like donate to be considered for this new collection. Do you have a Zine to donate? Please email us at and a library staff person will contact you with the details.

Small paper zine with the title "Traveling while Trans"

What Is a Zine?

A zine is a self-published, non-commercial print-work that is typically produced in small, limited batches.  Zines are created and bound in many DIY ways, but traditionally editions are easily reproduced—often by crafting an original “master flat,” and then photocopying, folding, and stapling the pages into simple pamphlets.  Zines may also be sewn, taped, glued—or even exist in unbound and other non-folio formats.  The main rule is that there are no rules!