Library of Things Collection Development Policy

About the Library of Things

The Library of Things (LOT) is the Watertown Free Public Library’s (WFPL) circulating collection of occasional use materials. Items can be checked out to patrons 18 and older who have signed the borrower’s agreement and safety waiver. More information about using the LOT is available at

Library of Things Collection Goals

WFPL provides this collection of occasional use items in order to:

  1. Save patrons money.
  2. Reduce waste in the Watertown community.
  3. Encourage experimentation, curiosity, and learning.
  4. Offer self-guided recreation.

Materials Selection Criteria

Items will be added to the collection using following criteria:

  1. The item meets at least two of the four stated goals of the LOT collection.
  2. There is patron demand or demonstrated community need for the item.
  3. There is adequate space to store the item.
  4. There is funding for the item.
  5. Instructions for using the item are available or can be created easily by library staff.
  6. It is reasonable to assume that patrons can use the item without extensive specialized training.


Donated items will be considered based on the materials selection criteria above. Donations of items will only be accepted if the item is in usable condition with a reasonable expectation it can circulate for at least one year after acquisition. To donate items, email with a description of the item. Items will not be accepted without prior authorization from library administration.

Patron Suggestions

All library collections should be of interest and use to the Watertown community. Patrons are encouraged to submit suggestions for new items using the suggestion form at

Removal from Collection

LOT items will be routinely evaluated. Items will be removed from the collection based on condition, usage, and space constraints. Popular items that are removed because of wear and tear will be replaced when budget allows.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on February 3, 2021