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The Watertown Free Public Library Bookmobile is a customized Sprinter Van built to carry a small collection of library materials to various locations around Watertown. It transports a mini-fleet of book carts, serving as a pop-up library and mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. If you don’t have a library card yet, you can get one at the Bookmobile!

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Why is Watertown getting a Bookmobile? 

Though we already have a well-loved library, we know there are plenty of residents who don’t use our services. Rather than trying to convince those people to come to us, we want to meet them where they are. The Bookmobile allows us to engage with people who aren’t coming into our building. 

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What services will the Bookmobile offer? 

The bookmobile is a pop-up library on wheels. It transports materials and information that people can browse from book carts and tables arranged outside. The Bookmobile is designed for transport—you cannot browse materials inside the vehicle.

What you can do: You will be able to get a library card. You will be able to check out, renew, and return materials. You can talk to a librarian about reading recommendations and programs offered at the library. We will be offering story times in English, Spanish, and (hopefully soon!) Portuguese.  

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Where will the Bookmobile go? 

Schools, parks, events, apartment complexes, and more! In this first year, the Bookmobile schedule will be experimental. We will develop a predictable routine eventually, but for now, watch this web page and our social media accounts to find out where the stops will be. 

In the near future, we hope to offer unconventional programming in places you don’t normally expect to see a library. This might mean tailgating at a high school football game or doing library “product demos” in lobbies and commercial centers, bringing books on art instruction to an urban sketchers meetup at Mount Auburn Cemetery or hosting a book club in a residential area. 

Want to bring the bookmobile to your neighborhood? Please keep in mind:

👍 What's required:

  • Inside Watertown City limits 
  • Space for a 20’ van 
  • Space for multiple book carts 
  • Space for people to gather and browse 

Where we can't go:

  • Outside Watertown City limits
  • Narrow streets
  • Narrow sidewalks
  • Streets without sidewalks
  • Hills 

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The WFPL Bookmobile was made possible by many generous individual donors and funding from the Library Building Committee. Thank you, donors and fundraisers, for helping us serve more people than ever before.


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