Bookmobile Policy

The bookmobile is a mobile branch of the Watertown Free Public Library and adheres to the same policies as the Library at 123 Main Street and the policies set forth below. 

All bookmobile stops must be located within Watertown city limits. 

The bookmobile prioritizes serving people who cannot visit the library easily. 

At minimum stops must include: 

  • parking for a van 20 feet long
  • space for book carts to be set up outside the van
  • space for people to gather and browse

The bookmobile cannot make stops on hills, narrow streets, or narrow sidewalks

Participation in events will be decided on a case by case basis and is subject to staffing availability, accessibility, and timing.

The bookmobile cannot be hired for private events or attend events that are exclusive.  

Bookmobile stops may be canceled due to: 

  • Hazardous driving conditions 
  • Forecasted inclement weather that can create hazardous driving conditions
  • Maintenance, updates, and repair
  • Holiday closures